Building value

If you need somebody on-site to oversee the delivery of work, but don't want to incur the cost of a sub-contractor, our 'People Plus' solution could be just what you need.

'People Plus' is an innovative new service from One Way for clients who need more than a basic labour supply but not a fully managed service.

Whether you need a full-time presence on-site or someone for only a few days a week, we can help.

For a small premium over normal charges, you will benefit from a wide range of practical value-added services.

  • An experienced site representative to oversee the One Way team and ensure that everything is completed to the required high standards
  • All on-site checks, including labour reviews, inductions, work eligibility checks, PPE provision and health & safety talks
  • Experienced liaison with trade unions, local councils, employment hubs and other third parties
  • Access to local training providers nationwide